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How does it work?

The BabyTrim looks like a comb but it also contains blades in the teeth – a fixed blade and a moving blade. The trigger on the handle operates the moving blade, allowing it to move across the fixed blade and cut any hair that is within the teeth.

There is no need to wet the baby’s hair before trimming – dry cutting is best.

The hair can be brushed prior to using the BabyTrim, if required.


Start with the hair around the ears, then the nape of the neck, the crown and finally the forehead. Alternatively, just snip off those unruly wispy strands, as required.

Comb your baby’s hair with the BabyTrim and hold the lock of hair (under tension) between your index and middle finger. With the BabyTrim held in your other hand and resting on top of your fingers, depress the trigger and the hair is cut – Safe & Easy!

Remember, style is not important to a baby but tidiness and keeping hair out of the eyes is important. Our video clearly demonstrates how to trim your baby’s hair. It really is simple but more importantly, it’s SAFE!

Please clean your BabyTrim after each use, a toothbrush is ideal. Brush off any trapped hair from the blades then wipe with a damp cloth.

To fully clean or replace blades: Remove the fixing screws, blade cover and fixing plate. On re-assembling the BabyTrim, ensure that the screws are fully tightened.

WD40 may be used very infrequently and very sparingly to ensure good lubrication, but Never Use Clipper Blade Oil.

The perfect tool for trimming fine baby hair

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