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How did it happen?

On leaving school, Mario trained for 3 years to become a professional hairdresser. He didn’t enjoy cutting a baby’s hair. They wouldn’t sit still and would wriggle and squirm. Scissors, consisting of a sharp point and sharp blades were not the ideal instrument to have so close to a baby’s face, eyes and ears! Although Mario never cut a baby or child he frequently nicked his own fingers when the baby made a sudden lunge! Cut fingers are very common amongst hairdressers! Having children, Mario thought there must be a safer way to trim their hair and so his journey began.

The Journey to Market

Yes it does happen! Mario woke in the middle of the night with an idea for a comb with blades safely tucked in the teeth. So began the long and arduous journey of developing the product for the marketplace. Firstly, money was needed to help fund the development and purchase of patents, which are not cheap but an absolute necessity to protect your idea. A limited company was set up and shares were offered in the company to raise the capital required. This having been achieved, many months were spent developing the idea and producing a working prototype.

The next stage was the design and production of the packaging, again something that is not achieved quickly and without hic-cups.

When the product was fully developed and field-tested, a manufacturer had to be sourced. After much searching, Mario was lucky to find Heroka Industries in Hong Kong and, more importantly, Edric Lau the owner. It is very important to have trust and faith in the company you are dealing with and for Mario he found this in Edric with whom a long-lasting friendship was borne.

The marketing of the product is the next important stage. A website had to be produced containing all relevant information on the product and showing a video demonstration.

Do you sell direct to the public via shows and exhibitions or through magazine advertising? Do you approach wholesalers? Do you try and sell your product to a world-wide company for a royalty? The choice is yours!

Go for it!

If you have an idea that really can be life-changing, helpful, unique or beneficial in the marketplace then go for it! It won’t be plain sailing and there will be many a time when you want to give up or don’t think it will ever come to fruition but if you believe in the product then other people will to. It will be worth it in the end when you see your invention sat on the shelf and being used by thousands of people around the world!! Good Luck!

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